Radon Awareness Program

A Radon Awareness Program is currently offered through the Henry and Stark County Health Department to raise awareness about the health hazards related to radon gas and encourage residents to test their homes. Radon gas is a serious health threat, but because it is invisible and odorless, people tend to ignore the possibility that there might be a silent killer in their homes.

About Radon

Radon levels are elevated in about 65% of the homes in Henry County and 82% of homes in Stark County and cause more than 20,000 deaths across the U.S. annually. 

Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, radioactive gas that is present in the soil. It can reach harmful levels when trapped in buildings and homes. Radon gas finds its way into the home through cracks and other openings in the foundation. Radon is a Class A human carcinogen, meaning there is actual evidence that exposure to radon causes lung cancer in humans. Those who smoke are at an even more heightened risk.

Rules & Regulations

Read the rules and regulations of the Illinois Radon Awareness Act (PDF).

If You're a Smoker

The risk of developing lung cancer from radon is increased exponentially in people who are also smokers. At least 85% of radon associated lung cancer deaths are in current or past smokers. This means that smokers are at an even more heightened risk of dying from radon associated lung cancer than non-smokers. Visit the Henry and Stark County Health Department Tobacco Control page for information on quitting smoking.

More Information

For more information regarding radon visit the Illinois Emergency Management Agency website.

For more information regarding radon or to obtain a test kit, please email or call 309-852-7266.

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