Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)


Specially trained staff provides consultation, follow-up and treatment. Appointments can be made by calling 309-852-5272 in Kewanee or 309-792-4011 in Colona. Educational presentation on Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) awareness and prevention can be arranged.

  • Some STDs infect only your sexual and reproductive organs. Others (HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis) cause general body infections.
  • Sometimes you can have an STD with no signs or symptoms. Or the symptoms may go away. Either way, you still have the STD until you get treated.
  • STD is spread during vaginal, anal or oral sex and sometimes by genital touching. Some STDs (HIV and hepatitis B) are also spread by contact with infected blood.
  • STD germs need to live in warm, moist areas. That's why they infect the mouth, rectum and sex organs (vagina, vulva, penis and testes).


Get Checked

  • Don't just hope the STD will go away. It won't. You may feel embarrassed about having an STD. But you must get treatment for the STD.

Get Treated

  • Many STDs can be cured. Others cannot be cured. But all STDs can and must be treated.
  • Many STDs can be treated with antibiotics. Do exactly what your provider tells you. Be sure to use all of your medicine.
  • You also must tell your sexual partner(s). If they aren't treated, they can spread the STD. They might even give it to you again.

HIV Counseling & Testing

Specially trained nurses provide confidential counseling and blood testing. Educational programs concerning AIDS are available to schools, organizations, and local businesses.